Shearing (POH)

Pneumatic top knife holder

By the continued development of the holder series of the QUADRON ® and TRITON ® class, the company Bilstein succeeded in creating a new generation of pneumatically actuated knife holders meeting virtually all highest demands. Here, well-known and reliable elements and systems were combined with new developments in order to achieve maximum precision and reliability.

Among others, these further developments led to the creation of the first completely encapsulated and sturdy 360° safety hand guard, complying with all the requirements of the Regulations for the Prevention of Accidents.

Excellent cutting qualities are already obtained from 0.5 bar onwards allowing for the knife wear to decrease to its absolute minimum.
With knife change, a quick-change system facilitates the replacement of the knife head within a very short period of time. There are different holder widths, top knife diameters, and double knife heads for waste strips at the customer’s option.